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Celebrating 15 Years of ServiceSo, you are going to do it – build that Van's Aircraft. Which one? If you are looking for a high-performance 4-place, the RV-10 fits the bill. Or you like the thought of the new RV Light Sport, it’s all about the RV-12. Cruising at 100+ knots sipping 3-4 gallons per hour sounds really good these days. Maybe you are more interested a 200 MPH+ cross country 2-place that can satisfy your need for aerobatics as well, and can’t decide between the RV-7, 8, 9 or 14 ... so many choices, but all really good ones. Regardless, you’ve decided that you are going to go for it. We cannot think of a better way of sharing your time with your family and/or friends, learning, building and finally flying.

Van's Aircraft

RV’s are incredibly well designed, total performance kit aircraft with decades of proof out there flying every day. In fact, there are more than 10,000 + RV’s flying today. That’s right … greater than 10,000 are actually flying, and that means a lot of folks just like you have made the commitment and completed their RV’s. The commitment is hard work, challenging and rewarding. For a long while, you will eat, sleep and dream of your completed RV home built aircraft. You might even become impossible to live with to the non-aviation types, but you can do it. We at Axsys Air would like to help you get started.

Axsys Air Classes

Helping people get started at Axsys Air

Building Basic Class

Getting hands on experience

Axsys Air Classes

This couple completed both Building Basic and Empennage Classes. They are still married and flying their completed RV-7A

Axsys Air Classes

So what can Axsys Air do for you? At Axsys Air, we love to teach. We’ve spent several decades and many thousands of hours building, and of course, learning. From that, we’ve developed streamlined processes and efficient techniques that take some of the learning curve out. This not only saves you precious time, money and pretty much guarantees that you will build a better airplane in the process. We invite you to cruise our website or simply give us a call – it’s even free no matter where you are! We can assure you that your time with us will be time well spent. And as importantly, in as little as a weekend, we can get you started on the right path to building your very own Van's Aircraft … and give you the confidence to get it done right. Let the challenge and rewards begin!