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The Axsys Air Learning Center is located 35 miles north of Seattle, Washington, in the foothills of the Cascade mountain range on beautiful Frontier Airpark (WN53). Our spacious (nearly 5,000 square foot) hangar and classroom/workshop has everything needed to create a comfortable, yet top-notch learning environment. The building is fully insulated. It stays cool in the summer and the in floor heat keeps it comfortable in the winter. All the benches are movable to accommodate projects in different stages of construction.

The learning center is well stocked with Axsys Air "approved" tools and shop equipment for your use. We have 48" box brake, 52" shears, bead blaster and many other tools needed to make aircraft construction easier. 



 This building is the Axsys Air hangar and attached workshop area, located in the picturesque Frontier Airpark in Lake Stevens, Washington.  WN53



 50' x 66' hangar area.

Storage space in the hangar

Storage area in the hangar

 24' x 54' work shop area, all the neccessary tools for building your RV.



We rent space & tools for aircraft contruction

Each builder is provided with a comfortable workbench and storage area during his or her visit to Axsys Air. A separate lunch and break facility is also located on the premises. You will be working right alongside of others projects in different stages of construct. You will be able to watch these projects progress. You will be around people that are doing what you are doing or have done it. Seeing it done is better than a 1000 pictures. We also have someone on staff to help if you need it.

  • $650.00 monthly (Includes building space, storage & tools)




Jim Melton has made great progress on a RV-4. Jim purchased his project from someone that had started it 20 years ago and never finished. Jim finds it easier working in Axsys Air's Hangar where there are other projects in progress. Jim, also likes the varity of tools we have that makes his project easier to work on.

Jack Richards and his son John are putting together a RV-12 in Axsys Air's Hangar. Jack started with us in a basic class and then decided to build a  RV-12 with his son. John has just lit up there Avionic panel and then next is mounting there engine. They are not going to be here much longer, they will be flying.

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