Axsys Air knows RVs. We’ve spent the better part of two decades building RV’s and developing our collective expertise. From a very, very slow build inverted RV-6A, to a quick build RV-7 and finally, to the sleek 4-place RV-10; we’ve either built it, or we are building it. Our Next project? The RV-12. It’s coming, look for it. Anyway, some might even say that we are addicted to RVs. We are, addicted to learning, building and flying. It’s in our blood.

Our “award-winning, tail dragging” (just ask him, he’ll tell you) chief instructor grew up in aviation, learning to fly in the family restored 7-EC Champ and various Swift aircraft. He worked for many years at Swift Flight restoring and modifying Swifts and other aircraft. He also flew for a number of years as a professional pilot and, of course, has had his hands in a number of RV projects including a 6, 7 and a 10 over the past two decades. Have a question for Glenn?

Our “on staff,” is a marine chief engineer by trade, fishing the Bering Sea for more than 20 years. He is an instrument rated pilot, and has completely restored a Nanchang CJ-6A (from parts on a hangar floor … it is still flying today). He’s has owned many aircraft over the years, but flies a slow build (not a quick build) RV-6A that he completed in 2001.  Have a question for Dennis?

Our resident, ex-military “keep us legal” business guy grew up back-seating in a cub for his father many moons ago. He is a private pilot who currently flies a Beechcraft Musketeer and has been slow building a quick build RV-7A since 2004. He has been instructing for years in various arenas, and has the “51 Percent Rule” down pat … just ask him, he’ll tell you. Have a question for Eric?

From time-to-time, we will tap into our pool of guest instructors, some names I am sure that you will recognize.

Mr. Jones RV-6A is sitting pretty and ready to go …

Axsys Air … kind of a strange name for a company, isn’t it? “Axsys” comes from two words, “axis” and “system”.
At the Axis, or core, of every RV kit is its set of plans. And at the heart, or core, of Axsys Air is its System -- developed through years of trial, error and repetition. We’ll teach you, in a very efficient and strategic manner, how to build most effectively against your plans by providing you with this proven System. Our System of building will give you the techniques, skills and most importantly, the confidence to effectively move through the entire building process … saving you precious time and money in the process!

Ready to get started, and sign up for a class? Sign up here or just give us a call, we would love to hear from you!

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