C A Mansfield, RV-7A
First Flight
"Hey Guys,
Today was a red letter day.  Just under 24 months of working on the quick build RV 7A, and 1450 hours of shop time, and the airplane flew.  Had to wait a few hours for weather, but the 30 minutes flight was great, after I turned on the alternator.  It was on the checklist, but there was two switches
on the same line, and I only did one.  A rewrite is in progress.
Thanks to you guys for getting me started.  You gave a great foundation
to build from and helped insure a successful project."

Jim Melton, RV-4 Builder
"After meeting with Eric and Glenn at the Axsys Facility, I signed up for the Personal Instruction Program. A few weeks later I purchased a 15 year old, partially completed RV-4 and had it shipped directly to Axsys Air.

The Axsys staff has been there for me from day one, assisting me every step of the way. Glenn has been great, very professional and the facilities are top-notch. I’ve been with them for almost a year now, and I’m sure that I made the right decision."

Jack Richards, RV-12 Builder
"I built both my RV-12 tail and wings through Axsys Air classes. I really enjoyed every minute of the process so much that I decided to finish it at their hangar!"

Garrett Meyers, Basic's Class Attendee
"I'm still thinking about what to build, but I found the introduction class a lot of fun and very worthwhile! I would highly recommend this class to anyone thinking about building an RV!"

Fred Fenske, Prospective RV-10 Builder
"The RV-10, what a great airplane. If I decide to build one, it will be with Axsys Air. I did their Basic’s class and loved it. Their workshop is fully stocked with a variety of tools and the instruction was excellent. I am now convinced that I can do it."

CA and Claudia Mansfield, RV-7 Builders
"My wife and I did the Basic’s class and the 5-day tail kit class for my RV-7. We had a great time and learned a lot. The classes more than paid for themselves in time saved and great advice. We couldn’t more highly recommend Axsys Air, they are a great team."

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